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Sonus 4" Spot Pads

The 4" foam pad is ideal for spot repairs, polishing tight areas and waxing.

When using a machine to repair scratches, a 4" foam spot pad allows you to focus on the repair without affecting a large area of the panel.  This is particularly important when using a dual-action machine, such as the Porter Cable 7424.  In this case, the 4" pad allows the machine to apply more energy to the damaged paint area for a faster, yet safe, repair.

This "spot pad" principal holds true when buffing out stubborn swirl marks and other surface defects, such was bird spot etching and severe water spots.  Using a dual-action machine, the 4" pad will safely polish out more damage than a 6" or 7" pad because the energy is focused.

Sonus SFX 4" Spot Pads are made from the same foam as their larger 6" brother.  Use the SFX-1 Spot Pad (yellow) to polish out scratches, water spots, stains and severe swirl marks.  Follow with the SFX-2 Spot Pad (white) to restore full gloss.  Use the SFX-3 Spot Pad (blue) for intense waxing.  There's nothing else quite like it.

All Sonus SFX 4" Spot Pads require a 3.5" to 3.75" backing plate. 

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