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DAS-6 PRO Dual Action Polisher

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DAS-6 PRO Dual Action Polisher

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DAS-6 PRO Dual Action Polisher

Brand new into the UK is the DAS-6 PRO Dual Action Polisher which quite simply is the best random orbital car polisher available. We've taken the DAS-6 and improved it with a all new more powerful 850w motor which delivers much more low end power.

The machine comes supplied with a UK 240v plug, is fully CE marked and has the peace of mind of a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Improvements include a heavy duty 6 meter cable and a D-Handle. We are also including a very special embroidered canvas carry case with every machine, perfect for storing the machine and accessories whilst not in use.

The DAS-6 PRO has been fully re-engineered and is the most powerful Dual Action polisher on the market. The results of this extra power are a machine that cuts almost as well as a rotary but with all the safety of a dual action. Unlike other machines at low speeds the extra torque is a real benefit for application of polish.

Dual action polishers are very popular with car enthusiasts and professionals alike as they are low risk but give much better results than polishing by hand. With a massive 850w motor it is possible to removes scratches and swirl marks when used in conjunction with a machine polish. It is also a perfect for applying glazes, sealants and waxes.


  • Orbit Size: 8mm
  • Backing Plate Thread Size: 5/16" (same as Porter Cable, G220 and UDM's)
  • Variable 6 Speed Dial: 2,500 to 6,500rpm
  • Weight - 2.3kg (approx)
  • Supplied with two Velcro Backing Plates Size: 125mm ( 5” )  and 150mm (6")
  • Fits 5", 6" and 6.5" polsihing pads

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty 850w Motor
  • CE marked / 240v with UK plug
  • 6 Meter Heavy Duty Cable
  • D-Handle
  • Canvas Carry Case
  • Aluminium Gear Housing Cover
  • CNC Finished Gears
  • Electricity Feedback Circuit
  • 1 Year UK Manufacturer Warranty

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My mother asked me to have a look at polishing her black MX-5 for her, as it was looking a bit tired. After a quick wash, it was clear that there was no way I could do anything by hand and that I was going to have to invest in a DA polisher. The paint was covered in fairly deep swirls and in the direct sun it was a mass of holograms. After a bit of research I decided to try the Das-6 Pro from Following the rules of starting with the least aggressive polish, I tried Menzerna 3800 fine polish (Mazdas are supposedly soft paint), and while it took away some of the swirling, it didn't touch the deeper marks. I switched to Menzerna 2500 medium cut polish with a more aggressive pad and had much more success. The swirls and holograms were removed fairly easy. There were some deeper scratches which remained, and I could have had a go at these with a harsher compound, but to be honest this is a 15 year old car so i was happy to leave these, as all the major marring had gone. The deep gloss black was back. The Das-6 Pro was very easy to use, easy to handle and not too heavy. I found no problem with maintaining rotation at 10-15lb pressure (see Junkman2000 on Youtube for some good instructional videos). I did bigger panels with a 125mm pad and smaller tricky areas with a 75mm pad and found it easy to handle. You do have to be careful not to knock the paint with the machine head when you're using a small pad, but just take a bit of care. The good thing with a DA machine like this is that you're not going to burn through the paint on corners. I did start with the accessory handle attached but in the end I preferred not to use this and removed it. Some people have suggested that the machine is not powerful enough to remove heavy marring. I don't personally agree with this. The machine operates fine with the correct pressure applied. If you want to remove deeper marks, then choose the correct pad/compound combination, the machine will do it. The same applies to cars with particularly hard paint - just use the right pad/compound. Overall I've been very pleased with this machine. It was easy to use and gave great results without too much effort. I'd definitely recommend it. Cheers, MarkP
Review by: MarkP 19/04/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I bought the DAS-6 PRO to polish up my Honda S2000. I used it for both compounding and then polishing and the paintwork came up like new, even after 11 years.
Review by: Karl Nicoll 07/04/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Having bought a car with extensive bird s**t damage to the paintwork and tried laboriously to remove it by hand I choose this machine because of it variable speed. It is very effective, quick but safe enough in inexpert hands. Have used it with three grades of compound, polish and final buffing using different speeds and it worked perfectly. Minor details that indicate thought in design, DA mechanism is well shrouded, handle well positioned and extra long cable. Finally the price is right!
Review by: Richard Ackers 17/03/2017
Rating: Comment:
After researching orbital and rotary polishers I opted for a das6 even though it didn't feature in any of the 'top ten' car polishers on any of the internet searches. As a total beginner I was very impressed by the support and guidance offered by Dave, which was the main reason I went ahead with the purchase. Dave personalised my order as I only wanted to polish up my car and ended up with four polishing pads and a liquid polish.(although the polishing liquid instruction was not very clear on the bottle and I've not used it yet) I've used Autoglim polish which I applied with the polisher which polished up beautifully with a soft cloth after. Would definitely recommend to any novice 'polisher' and thank you Dave.
Review by: Huw 01/02/2017
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
Debated investing in a new orbital machine for a while now but faithfully soldiered on with the old rotary which weighs about 50kg and with drag you over the bonnet if you so much as look at it the wrong way, so did some research and settled on the DA6 from Clean Your Car thanks to good online reviews and an excellent price. Dispatched, tracked and subsequently delivered extremely fast with great communication by the guys. One car in so far and shoulders are very glad that it's much lighter and needless to say, much more controllable than the rotary so the results are much improved. Still experimenting with pad / compound combos - even at low speeds / light pressure have suffered a couple of pads failures using Flexilogic pads so the trial and error process continues! Great machine though, lights, plenty power and the supplied kit is excellent and the 6m power lead is a Godsend! Just wish I'd invested in one months ago rather than stubbornly carrying on with the rotary. Only one thing I would advise, if like me you are working in a double car garage sized space, invest in some cheap ear plugs and also invest in a small, castor equipped stool - makes machining a complete car a little less strenuous.
Review by: Dave 20/09/2016
Rating: Comment:
Spoke to Dave @ CYC in great detail and several phone calls later, have purchased this machine. Awaiting delivery of it, but can't praise Dave enough for his patience, expertise and customer service. Top marks to Dave. Will update when I've had the machine and review properly
Review by: Anonymous 16/09/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
As someone that is keen on keeping their cars as clean as possible, I always debated on getting a DA polisher. After using the DAS6 PRO just a handful of times, I wished I had purchased one sooner. It seems totally safe. It takes a bit of research in getting the correct pads and polish' but thats the hardest part. Totally loved the results. Would recommend to anyone thinking of getting on the detailing ladder.
Review by: andrew porter 07/09/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I bought the DAS-6 Pro after reading reviews and felt it a good buy for someone new to using a DA polisher, which I am. After the initial nerves of using it were overcome, I soon settled in to some panel polishing. I opted to use a green Hexlogic pad (again based on other reviews) and have quickly and easily removed swirls and some scratches to a better standard and much less effort than by hand. I've not experimented too much with the different speeds, but have used 2 to spread and 4 to polish. The machine vibrates very little and is not too heavy or tiring to use though I've nothing to compare it to. Overall very pleased, it's met expectations and while I'm a bit fearful buying a DA polisher could be the tip of the iceberg (lol), it's really brought out a great finish to a 11-year old car marred with polishing and washing marks and I'm now confident to use it on newer cars in the household. Great service in terms of delivery and packaging too.
Review by: Ant 05/07/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
As just a polisher after cleaning only this is an excellent choice - it is not good for more detailed work such as removing light scratches or polishing out 2500 wet sanded areas. It takes far too long to remove a faint light scratch (ok - I have a modern Audi and clear coat is hard) and if you apply 5-10 lbs of downward pressure the random orbit ceases or slows significantly. That said the machine is very good build quality and is very good value for money at £99 with two backing plates, spare bushes, a bag and long cord. Service from CYC was great. If you want to remove light scratches this is not the machine to buy. This would be ideal in tandem with a rotary polisher which I think is what many people use.
Review by: Al 07/06/2016
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating
I have used the polisher once and it brought my car up fantastic. I can't wait to use it on my 12 year old 4x4 as I feel confident that I will have the same result. The polisher seems to be well made and plenty of power
Review by: John 01/06/2016
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