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Audi TT

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t's been a while since I did a write up so I thought I'd catch up with this detail I did a couple of weeks back on a very nice modified Audi TT.

The owner a real car enthusiast bought a few products a month or so ago and just wasn't happy with the results he was getting with the Porter cable and items he's bought from me. I therefore agreed for him to come over and show him how to get the best from the products and achieve correction even on tough VAG paint using the PC


This was easy! He washed and clayed the day before which meant the car only required a quick detail with Last Touch and a plush cloth to get it 'as washed'.

So no need for any pictures here...


We masked the trims off with 3M 3434 masking tape. Luckily there isn't too much on TT's so this was a fairly straight forward task.

In ful sunlight you could see cob webbing and it was this that the owner really wanted to get rid of. Under the halogen lights the cobwebbing was amplified but it does help show up everything that needs correcting.

Paint reading were taken and showed really quite thick paint, up to 180microns. The car is orginal though and the owner had bought from new so we knew it was absolutely original.

We were however going to correct the paint with PC's as this is what the owner wanted to get to grips with so we were in no real danger of removing too much of the paint.

The process was Sonus SFX-1 pads (6" and 4") using Menzerna Intensive Polish 3.02 follwed by PO106FA to increase gloss and remove any left overs usinmg a Menzerna Polishing pad.

Bootlid before:

Bootlid after:

Wing before:

Wing after:

The above give a good idea of the condition of all the car with some bits being worse than others. The main thing the owner learnt was he wasn't applying enough pressure or working the polish long enough to achieve decent correction.

LSP of choice was the Carlack Twins (for a change!) before topping with Victoria for some extra gloss. The Carlack is really easy to use and definately one of the best paint prep products on the market.

This was applied with PC using a Sonus SFX-2 pad before being left to cure for 10 minuites before being buffed off.

We then followed round with the Long Life Sealant 'Acrylic Wax' working a panel at a time buffing off once it hazes.

The wheels were also treated to Poorboys wheel sealant.

Carlack Nano /Systematic care' curing:

even the inside of the bonnet shuts were treated to the Carlack:

The car was then given a layer of Victoria Concours using an applicator pad to speed things up. Here's a shot of the Victoria wax curing on the front wing.

and buffed off...

Job now complete...


Unfortunately outside the sun was to bright and the contrast with the black was very difficult to capture.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!