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Lexus is200 Complete detail

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This was a job I got on the back of the Megane detail from a trader on the same business park as me. I didn't see the car before the detail, but he did say to me it had been machine polished badly by a body shop whilst it was in for a repair on the rear bumper.

Products used in the detail:

SuperSpray hose end sprayer
Maxi Suds II
Sonus Der Wunders

Chemical Guys Blue Rim Wheel Cleaner
Chemical Guys Wheel Sealant
Sonus Trim & Bumper Dressing

Menzerna Orange Polishing Pads
Menzerna PO106FA
Menzerna Intensive Polish PO91L as needed.
3M Blue 3434 Masking Tape

Clearkote Vanilla Moose Hand Glaze
Victoria Concours Wax

Here is the car (this was after the wash and clay)


The car was rinsed with water and then foamed using a SuperSpray with Maxi Suds II.

This was then rinsed and the car cleaned as per usual with two buckets and Sonus Ultimate wash mitt, before being rinsed.

Rather than drying to save time (as it was a cold damp day anyway) I proceeded to clay the car using a clay bar I've ben sent as a sample and have been trailing with a view to selling under my own brand.

The clay worked really well as it was very soft, didn't appear to be adding any marring (although there was already plenty of this!) and did a great job of removing more contamination than I initially thought there was. I honestly didn't think the car needed doing but was impressed by what was pulled off.

I rinsed and dried the car before moving it inside where it was taped with 3M 3434 blue masking tape.

To be honest I was shocked how bad the paint was. I know japanese paint especially solid blacks can be soft but this car was a mess, with some really nasty buffer trails.

Again these were tackled with the new version of Final Finish PO106FF (P0106FA) using a 5" Menzerna Polishing pad and Porter Cable

Boot lid, again this had some really nasty buffer trails on it as well as lots of random scratching.

As can be seen from the above the whole car was in quite a state, so to speed things up I mixed a small amount of Intensive polish on the pad with the Menzerna PO106FA. This seemed to just give it that bit more cut but broke down absolutely LSP ready.

The whole car was then cleansed with Clearkote Vanilla Moose Hand Glaze applied by hand using a Der Wunder Applicator before being topped with Victoria Concours applied by bare hands.

The car was then finished with the Victoria Wax before being misted mist down with some Victoria Quick detailing spray

Some final dusk shots were taken whilst it was waiting to be colleted by the customer.

By the time I'd finished it was raining, but I thought the lighting made for one nice final picture.

All in a very long and tiring day. This detail probably took me 10+ hours.