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BMW 330i Complete detail

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Ben got in touch a few weeks back about getting his dark blue BMW 330i detailed. It's on a 52 plate so only about 4 years old. Well cared for but suffering a few of the normal light swirls and scuffs.

I'd warned Ben we might be in for a long day based on the hardness of BMW paint so on a cold damp morning we got started. I wasn't wrong either as we didn't finish until about 6pm after starting at about 9am.


The lower half of the car including wheels and arches were treated with Carlack Special Cleaner (Citrus based cleaner) as normal. The car was then washed with Carlack Shampoo using the normal two bucket method before being given a quick dry with Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towels.



The car had never previously been clayed so we split a bar of Meguiars Quick Clay in two and worked round the car. This definately improved the feel of paint making it much smoother all over and removed quite alot of contamination.

In the dark light it was difficult to see how much defects there were so we moved the car into the garage so we could properly inspect the swirls under artificial lighting.

As to be expected it wasn't too bad at all with general light swirling evident over the majority of the car. Paint thickness reading were also taken with an average of 130 microns across the majority of the paint. The bonnet must have been sprayed at some point as this gave readings of 200+ although the match and finish was very very good.

As normal all trims were masked off with 3M 3434 masking tape.

Here are some of the general swirls evident under the halogens:


We decided to start on the bonnet of the car as this being the easiest part of the car so that I could show Ben how to use a PC. The plan of action was me to use Menzerna Intensive Polish PO85RD3.01 and Ben follow with the PC using Menzerna Final Finish PO85RD using the new Lake Country CCS white polishing pad. Unfortunately the bonnet was absolutely rock hard. The hardest paint I've ever worked on by far. After quite a few attempts though we cracked it (after resorting to Power Gloss by rotary to remove the worst) and it did give Ben an ideal platform to practice the PC.




Luckily the rest of the car wasn't quite as hard although it was still very tough. The final combination of products was adjusted to Menzerna Intensive Polish PO85RD3.01 followed by the Final Finish PO106FF. The PO106FF was doing a much better job of dealing with any light defects left over from the Intensive Polish whilst still maintaining the very high levels of gloss.

Time was really pushing on so we cracked on son no more correction photos.


To ensure all polish residue was removed and to lay down a layer of protection we used Carlack Systematic Care (Klasse All In One) which is both very easy to use and in my eyes without fails always enhances the finish, which to me makes it the best All In One polish on the market.

Next I got the chance to try a brand new product. Autopias new product 'Polycharger H20' this is a additive that can be added to liquid sealants waxes and Quick detailers. The first product I though to try it on was the Carlack Long Life sealant so in true 'Blue Peter' fashion I got out the one I had made earlier (mixed as prescribed I mixed 0.8ml with 100ml of product).

This definately did something for application. The Long Life Sealant went very transparent on the paint almost requiring no buffing off. Buffing of was easy, but then it always is if the product is just allowed to haze before being buffed off.

Anyway enough talk here are some afters:

All alloys were treated to Swissol Autobahn Wheel Wax and Swissol Pneu Tyre dressing.

We didn't have time to apply a layer of wax as I would have loved to have got a layer of Swissol or Victoria on it and seen her in full sun but it wasn't to be and we called it a night.

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