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A Mini Detail

Detailed: 12th August 2006

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Before I begin, I'd just like to thank Tom for inviting me over to detail his rebuilt mini, and what a beauty it is. It's really made me want to go out buy a shell and restore my own.

Heres the car after being washed down (Maxi Suds II and Sonus Der Wunder Towels) and being masked for polishing.

I need to point out this mini is very well cared for, as such the paint was already very clean. The cars a garage queen, so isn't often out on the road. Claying brought off nothing and the paint was already very smooth.

Tom however admitted before he knew what detailing was used a aqua blade for drying and cotton towels for polishing. As such there was quite a bit of surface scratching rather than swirling. Tom approaced me also because of the damage done to the car by a garage during recent engine work. They had put 'protectors' over the wings which as thy had moved about had left some really nasty scratching on both wings.

(In daylight these appeared down to the primer, very white, unfortunately again my camera wasn't really up to the job in capturing them, but it was pretty nasty)

Some of them I knew we would not be able to remove, but hoped they could be improved.

The car had been fully resprayed so the paint guage was next to useless, with readings varying from 150 to nearly 400, so we started on the bonnet with Menzerna PO106FF on a Sonus SFX-2 Enhance Pad. It was now I found out just how hard the respray was. It was a top spray job using ICI paints so rather than the typical soft respray this was tough, really tough.

The Menzerna PO106FF delt with just about everything on the bonnet but it was taking some time. So as I'd left the PowerGloss and 3.01 at home we went with regular IP on a 4" and 6" Sonus SFX-1 cutting Pad. All I'll say is it's a good job it was a small car.

Anyway after some effort:

Now onto the wing with the 4" cutting pad:

I'd say a good 90% improvement on what they were!

Bonnet and other wing after being fully polished:

Some before and afters:

Anway time was pressing on and the sun decided to make a late afternoon appearance into the garage. Nice

After we were happy with the level of polish, again a 90% correction on how good it was before, we moved onto maing her shine.

I've been meaning to do a detail with this product for ages, very highly rated on the US forums, but seems to get forgotten over here, Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection. All I can say is wow, this stuff is dynamite, goes on very easy, comes of even easier and the slickness is breath taking. It leaves the surface with so little resistance, lean a microfibre on it and it would slip straight off, it's that slick.

Anyway finally the sun broke out, so we quickly rolled her out to take some last minute pictures.

Then as soon as the sun came out back in it went, so we called it a day.

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