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13 year old Honda Civic

Ok this car and the detail is never going to inspire people as this is no Porsche, Lotus or BMW but the aim of the game was to achieve as much correction as possible on a car which had effectively been sat outside all it's life and treated to the odd bucket and sponge wash every now again.

The weather was also really really poor, foggy and very overcast and the light terrible even under spot lights the camera was struggling to cope. Trust me though in full sun this was swirl city, flattened matt paint and very cloudy.

Here's the sexy beast in question:

The car was fully washed and clayed using CG's Maxi Suds II, microfibre sponge, Sonus der wunder weave drying towel, and Sonus Grey Clay:

And some pictures of the swirling and general level of defects which covered the entire car:

...and the bonnet taped up to see what could be done:

I then cracked out the new paint depth guage from the group buy and checked the car all over. the lowest I found was 120, the highest 146 which tells me this is good honest genuine paint which was confirmed by the owner who has owned the car from new :eek:

So first up I tried the Menzerna PO106FF I know this is good stuff and if worked long enough I'd get decent defect removal.

I put plenty on and started by dabbing the PC across the left hand side of the bonnet, before spreading the entire area at speed 3. I then cranked the PC up to speed 5 apply and good amount of pressure moving at about 2" per second worked the polish horizontally then vertically.

As the polish was still working nicely due to the extra lubrication I speeded the PC up to just about speed 6 then again this time with moderate pressure went horizontally and then verically across the panel.

Buffing off with a Sonus microfibre polishing cloth I knew straight away I was in for somthing special. The finish was truely amazing, unfortunately the difference in the flesh wasn't really captured due to the poor light (or camera)

I then did the wing, this time with Menzerna PO85RD3.01, as eventhough the finish was breathtaking with the Final Finish I wanted to speed things up as I only had about 4 hours to do the full car. The finish was amazing though, not only did it remove even the more severe defects with ease it left a finish good enough to wax. Using the PTG I would estimate at removing about 5 microns enough to cut back all the rubbish:

Boot was the same:

Again, it's just a shame the level of gloss left isn't picked up as the difference was night and day it even looked a completely different colour.

The whole car was then given a few coats of Klasse Sealant Glaze, and I can say for a fact on a properly polished car this stuff is a absolute dream to use. Very easy to apply with a moist Der Wunder applicator and zero problems buffing off. Christ did it leave some shine though :cool:

For good measure a couple of coats of Chemical Guys XXX were then applied on top. I think the paintwork now would have looked no worse than when it rolled out of the factory 13 years ago.

All in a satisfying day!

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