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Fiat Coupe Paint Correction

My Fiat Coupe is just a couple of months shy of its 10th birthday, it's been very well looked after by me but the paint is very soft and attracts scratches and swirl marks easily. In full sun it can really look a mess with the car looking dull and hologrammed.

To test the new Sonus SFX range of polishes, I haven't heard any amazing reviews about them so decided to polish a panel just to see if the criticism was true.

Fiat Coupe rear wing, heavily swirled

That may not look too bad but the following is the exact same image enlarged.


As you can see the panel is badly scratched and quite pink but I think this is due to the defects in the paint surface detracting from the overall finish.

The area was masked of with 3M's 3434 tape and I used the Porter Cable polisher with a Sonus SFX-1 Restore pad and loaded it with Sonus SFX-1 Restore Polish.

Well the results speak for themselves; after wiping down the area with an edgless polishing cloth the following pictures were taken without using any other polish, waxes or sealants. The great thing about the SFX range of polishes is that they contain a silicone-free, body shop safe formula that does not contain fillers or waxes that mask or hide imperfections, so it really is a case of what you see is what you get.

Fiat Coupe Side, swirls completely removed

Again the area was zoomed in by the same amount as before.

swirl free paint

Not only were the defects removed from the paint but the panel looked considerably deeper and the red richer.

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