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Sonax – Full Effect Wheel Cleaner review
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Sonax – Full Effect Wheel Cleaner review

Tim@CleanYourCar 4th June, 2013 6

There are a quite a few wheel cleaners on the market, which actively remove iron contamination from both alloy wheels and paints such as the Carlack Complete Wheel cleaner, Wolfs Brake Duster and then more general purpose ones such as the brilliant CarPro Iron X.

We’d all heard the hype for years over Sonax Full effect wheel cleaner and as we we’ve been vigerously testing their products of late we had the pleasure of testing the latest version of the wheel cleaner.

Sonax claim this is safe on all alloys including polished and chrome wheels and is PH neutral which is a real bonus.

Application is easy, the retail spray trigger is very good and it really clings to the surface. The smell isn’t too bad either, much improved over it’s rivals. What we also found and was particularly unusual about this wheel cleaner is it doesn’t seem to react directly with the disc or the pads, which can sometimes be a worry. You can tell Sonax really pay attention to the chemistry of the products and this really shows in this wheel cleaner.

We found the wheel cleaner so effective you could actually rinse with no agitation at all after leaving the product to do it’s magic whilst we got on with washing the car to leave the wheels virtually spotless. Only light agitation was needed to remove the heavily stained sections of the alloy.

All in this is the best wheel cleaner that we’ve tested. It’s the safest, it cleans the best and doesn’t appear to react with the brake discs. The down side is it is expensive but if you really care for your wheels or bi-annually want to give them a safe but thorough clean this is a great product. The bulk 5 litre version of the Full Effect Wheel Cleaner works out by far the best value for more regular use.

Prices for the 500ml are £13.95 & £54.95 for the 5 litre version.

  • Daniel Aarosin

    The bulk is 5L NOT 5 gallons…

  • Gray Fox

    I wouldn’t mind 22.75L for £54.95

  • Stew

    is this new I thought IronX was simply the best????

  • Russ Chadd

    Expensive stuff if you are using a lot of it

  • Iain Smith

    I bought some of this last week, and was optimistic on the results but i must say I’m super impressed. I used it on both mine and my wifes car. Both cars wheels didn’t need any pre-bushing before jet washing off. simply spray on then jet wash clean and i mean clean. nothing left on the wheels at all. I will be buying agin.

  • neal patel

    can i use this amazing product on Plastic Car Rims ??