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New in- Carpet & Upholstery Brushes

New in- Carpet & Upholstery Brushes

3rd February, 2017, No Comments on New in- Carpet & Upholstery Brushes

These brushes have just landed and we’ve got to say they are definitely worth a go. These brushes are made all the more better because they take the hard work ...

5 to try

5 to try

16th January, 2017, No Comments on 5 to try


12th January, 2017, No Comments on Zymol

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Monster Microfibre

Monster Microfibre

3rd February, 2017, No Comments on Monster Microfibre

The range of towels from Monster Microfibre means that you can dry, buff, clean and detail safely. For those fiddly jobs that need a more dextrous towel, there is the ...

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  • Another snow foam question...
    What the difference between these two products? 1. Super snow foam - ... d_370.html Unfortunately the description doesn't mention anything about the dilution ratio. 2. Valet pro ph neutral super snow foam - ... d_500.html Both have fantastic reviews but as a novice, I can't work out if one suits my needs more. I …
    By: jabriel | Views: 43  |  Replies: 1

  • Fresh Resprayed Paint, What Wax?!
    Hello folks, new to the forum but have spent some time reading the posts and it looks pretty decent. 9-10 weeks ago we had our Mk1 Golf glass out re sprayed in 2pack (no clear coat) back to its original Mars Red after it seriously faded. Have read a lot about how long to leave it to gas off etc and won't be touching it for another 2 weeks, so waxing too early isn't an issue! My question is, what…
    By: bigag | Views: 96  |  Replies: 10

  • Which snow lance?
    I need to buy a snow lance and snow foam. I'm considering two options 1. The CYC (25) snow lance and Valet Pro - PH Neutral Snow Foam. Total 43 (both available from CYC) 2. Autobrite snow foam lance and Valet Pro - PH Neutral Snow Foam. Total 42 (Available from here: ... ce-kit-914) Predictably, my question is what is the better lance? Your thoughts…
    By: jabriel | Views: 92  |  Replies: 5

  • Please review my basket
    Hi all, I usually go to the local car wash at 5 a time however i think im going to give it a go doing myself. I have put a basket together for things i think i need. In addition to this i'll need two buckets, the Meguiars Grit Guard and bucket are 19.95 each, this totals 144.45 which is about double what i'd like to pay, do you have any suggestions to get the cost down to around 70.00? I ha…
    By: dougiefresh | Views: 110  |  Replies: 3